Made With Love for the Bebe Boy

So, my friend Debby is a rockstar person/seamstress. (Check out some of her super adorable work here: Sissy & Zuzu )

Also here;)643965_10151127207718097_393002342_n

And because I am creative and bored and impatient and cheap, and ever so slightly particular, she graciously agreed to give me a few sewing lessons and help me with some things for the Bebe Boy:)

We started with a quilt. And apparently, much like the mouse/cookie scenario, if you give a bored/creative mama a quilt, she will want a crib sheet.

The quilt was honestly harder and easier and more tedious and more awesome than I imagined. The crib sheet was easy peasy. And I really could not be happier with how they turned out. The New Guy will be in our room, which is kinda kitschy yellow and grey stuff with some antique furniture, so I wanted his stuff to go with, without being too grown up or matchy.  He has a crib & dresser with changing pad, but I couldn’t find a changing pad cover that wasn’t baby-blue or brown, and so… I ran across this frickin amazing water proof fabric and whipped up one of my own…

It was basically the same as the crib sheet, except the thicker fabric was somewhat harder to work with, but all in all I think it only took half an hour and only cost $13.

At this point I had kind of cornered myself as far as nursery-ish decor goes since the rest of the stuff was homemade, so I decided to make my own from the scraps I had. And so this mobile, maybe my favorite thing ever, was born…

It’s made of crib sheet left-overs, some stuffing the girls had from a bear making project and a pack of $1.99 felt balls. It hangs by three threads and spins every so sweetly with the slightest touch/breeze.

Also, we cut a few too many squares when we were guestimating the quilt, so I made this simple star garland and embroidery hoop moon.

Somewhere in the middle of all that sewing, I picked up a couple of flannel remnants and we made a couple of receiving blankets…

Annnd Debby whipped up this super cute boat-neck full coverage nursing cover…

So. Debby, thankyouthankyouthankyou, for once again, giving me time and patience and love and skillz.

And Little Bebe Boy, we are pretty much ready and waiting on you..:)

And peeps, if you need any custom sewing jobs, Christmas dresses, drapes, nursery stuffs (duh;), Debby is (obviously) the bomb.

crib sheet tutorial  , receiving blanket tutorial ,  nursing cover tutorial ,  changing pad cover ,  and everything else was kinda improvised. Quilt/crib sheet fabrics are from the Denyse Shmidt Aunt Edna line, and total cost was around $100;)

5 thoughts on “Made With Love for the Bebe Boy

    • I was totally winging it. Just freehanded a cloud on some material, cut it out, hand sewed it, stuffed it and then strung the felt balls kinda randomly, tying knots at different levels to hold them, and then threaded some long loops at the top to hang it by.

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