steady love


Photo by Mae Burke


give me that steady love
that ready love
to be there every day
not just heady love

bring home the bacon, love
i’ll cook it up
put the kids to bed
come here
give me that solid hug

wake me up every day
with that gentle love
playful warm and familiar
see me changing love

bring your hips close to mine
kiss my neck love
in the kitchen
dance with me
before the sun comes up

don’t want that hungry
leave you shaky
break you down love

it don’t hold up
it’s not enough

it’s not enough

to get us through
the sleepless nights
and frigid days love

i want that steady love
and i’m ready now
i’ve figured out
the world can spin around
and we can settle down

i’ll lift you up love
give you my love
hold you with these hands
and call you mine love

and all the days and
all the years
we can stay
under the shelter of this
safe and never-failing love

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