those who mourn

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I sang Laurie Berkner’s “Moon Moon Moon” out loud to myself all the way home tonight staring at the brilliant super moon. I chased it down the highway for a while wishing like I did when I was a kid that it would get me closer to it, and farther from here. My lips forming the words without me asking, to a song my heart remembers not from mindless repetition, but from sacred moments I sat rocking my babies and singing it over them. My whole body, poor thing, shaking and scared enough to be singing a child’s song aloud to myself, ever still grateful for the very concrete reality of a Source so much greater than me.

The news article reads “Tonight’s full moon will appear bigger and brighter in the night sky than it has in nearly 70 years, and all you have to witness its shining glory is look up. … However, Sunday night’s supermoon is extra super because the moonwill be even closer to Earth than usual.”

If you think this is mere prophecy you are mistaken. It is God holding Her shining face close to ours as we weep. My broken heart has loved the warmth of the sun forever but I think it is clear now that darkness has come and the Moon is after my affection, a clear and present answer to my constant prayer as of late, “God be near”.

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